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Kicksleds and kicksparks
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A kicksled is a traditional mean of transportation that people in Finland use during winter. A kickspark is a modernized - a sportier and lighter - version of the traditional kicksled.

The kicksleds and kicksparks we have at Versona have plastic runners which allow a more versatile use compared to those with metal runners. The plastic runners slide smoother and they do not jab into small rocks. Kicksleds and kicksparks have a better carrying capacity than skis.

Come enjoy a fun winter day together with friends or family! Kicksleds are available in 5 different sizes and kicksparks can be adjusted to different heights. The best surfaces for sleds and sparks are snowmobile trails, wintery forest trails and snowy roads that have not been covered with gravel.

When booking this item, please let us know the heights of the participants and if you want a kickspark. There are 17 kicksleds and kicksparks in total: 5 adjustable kicksparks (suitable for people of 110 cm-200cm height) and traditional kicksleds in 4 different sizes.