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Skinbased ski excursion (2h)
From €390.00 / 2 h
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Skinbased ski excursion

OAC skinbased skis are a new, easy way to enjoy wintry nature. They are suitable for international visitors who do not have previous experience with skiing. Skinbased skis can also be used by people of different ages and levels of fitness – they are suitable for young people and seniors. The theme of the excursion can be nature, stargazing/night sky watching or sporty.

The best destination for a skinbased ski excursion has snowy (minimum 10-15 cm of snow) and varying terrain. Please ask us at Versona for destination recommendations!


OAC skinbased skis

OAC skinbased skis are a combination of forest skis, snowshoes and downhill skis.  The skinbased skis have a firm skinbase which makes it easier to go up steeper hills. The skis are 147 cm in length allowing more agile movement even in thick forest. Carrying capacity is comparable to that of snowshoes. Going downhill is easiest in telemark style.

OAC skinbased skis are invented and made in Finland. They combine the great qualities of forest skis and snowshoes resulting in a product that allows easy, fun and safe movement in snowy nature.

This skinbased ski excursion is a 2-hour trip to nearby nature. At first, we get to know the features of skinbased skis and try them on even ground. After this we will do a few technic exercises depending on the group’s skill level. We will first ski on flat terrain and then practice going up hills. Later we will learn to go downhill using telemark technique.